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January 10th, 2021

You've Got No Mail

December 27th, 2020

How to Steal an Election

December 16th, 2020

2020 Election Investigative Documentary: Who's Stealing America?

New Feature Page: Top Vote Problem Headlines - Arranged by State! You too can recommend your own Top Vote Problem Headline(s)! Click Here

November 19th, 2020

In Case thedonald.win is Taken Offline - Muster Points

The Great Barrington Declaration

Signatures Mount from Doctors and Citizens Against Medical Tyranny

November 11th, 2020


Video 3 min: "The Game is Rigged"

November 10th, 2020

Steve Bannon's War Room EVENING SHOW LIVESTREAM - Tune in now! - Muster Points

EXCLUSIVE: Anti-Trump Shadow State Department Removes All But the Home Page on November 8th - Actors No Longer Listed

MICHIGAN: "MaidenGate" is Now Starting!

November 5th, 2020

Contingent Election of the President and Vice President by Congress

November 3rd, 2020


Yet Another Nobel Nomination -- this one Yuge!


November 1st, 2020

Twitter's Censorship is a Threat to Our National Security

National Day of Remembrance for Americans Killed by Illegal Aliens

October 31st, 2020



Seal Team 6 Rescues American Hostage in Nigeria

October 30th, 2020

Walmart Pulls Guns and Ammo Displays Over Civil Unrest Concerns

Cities Brace for Election Day

Monkeying Around: Now They Censor Emails

Letter from Archbishop Vigano: Plot for the "Great Reset"

Commentary - 25 October 2020 Letter from Archbishop Vigano

October 29th, 2020

Sliced Bread: Corn Bread Speaks!!!

Houston: Mail Recovered From Dumpster Included Mail-in Votes to California and Louisiana - including Trump Votes

Amazing! The fate of the nation is in the hands of United Parcel Service!!

Fate of the Nation Commentary

October 28th, 2020

Tucker Carlson Bobulinski Documents Intercepted and Removed from Overnight Package

October 26th, 2020

Mueller - Hunter Connection Looming?

Part 1

Part 2

Corrupt Profiteering: A Must Watch!

New Feature Page/Children Rescued!
Children Rescued

October 25th, 2020

Reporting: Wanted - Memes Rebuking the evil "Dark Winter"

CNN Censors Piers Morgan - Media Book Burning

California Enslaves Thanksgiving, Michigan Next?

Posted: There is No Endgame - Slow Enslavement is Only Path

Gaffe or speaking the truth...you decide!

October 24th, 2020

Transition Integrity Project (TIP): Seen as Practicing How to Overthrow Trump

Purple Mountain Solar Farm Reality and oh, Hail!


Final Debate Summary in a Meme

October 19th, 2020


Epoch! 353 Counties With 1.8 Million More Registered Voters Than Eligible Citizens

Examiner Reports: Michigan Governor Ordering a Hit

Social Media Erasing History: Kompromat Coverup

Archived Version

Full Commentary

A Tale of Two Siblings: Ronnie Abrams

A Tale of Two Siblings: Dan Abrams

October 18th, 2020

Election Fraud Alert

Your FaceBook Censoring Controlled by Soviet Woman - A Biden Loyalist

Anna Makanju - Atlantic Council - FB Censor

October 16th, 2020

Jailed Bevan Cooney Flips on Biden: Turns Over Independent Set of Emails

China Needs "him" Out for this Scheme to Work!

October 15th, 2020

Banned Media Personalities - Muster Points

Big Tech Committing Mass Censorship

Twitter censors @JudiciaryGOP . But not the Ayatollah or the Chinese Communist Party? Read the New York Post Hunter Biden article here!!!

Twitter has blocked users from tweeting the link to the NY Post's story on Hunter Biden

It's Called Treason!

Democrats are rigging our 2020 Election!

CDC's updated survival rate if infected with COVID



This video will get Donald Trump elected

... News through October 14th, 2020 ...

Epstein: What is $50 million among Friends?

Debate Over Presidential Debate Commission: Led by Color Revolution Globalists? "Fantastic Research"

High quality of 1980's Biden Video

Public Calls to Defund NPR Grow as Government Funds Appear to Fuel Overt Political Influencing

Social Booze Stashed Out of Sight
Did Third Moderator have "One Tweet too Many"?

Is Pelosi setting up the "commission" to achieve a smooth transfer of power to Kamala?



Powerful Message from the Greatest Leader of All Times!

11 CV cases can be traced back to the debate pre-planning and 'set-up'

LinWood1 LinWood2

Proud Boys Founder Suing Biden and CNN Reporters Referring to the Patriotic Multiracial Group as White Supremacists Nazis

Kayleigh McEnany does the media's job for them

Detailed Video of Biden Sleeve
Not a Pen Cap? A Cannula for Medicine?

Rittenhouse to sue Biden campaign for libel

President Trump Signs EO Abolishing Critical Race Theory

New Feature Page/Fire & Arson! F'n Ire!!!
Fire & Arson

NYPD Officer accused of being a Chinese Spy

Watch Minsk....coming to a theater near you...

"Lost in the mail"

Will Dem Leaders Allow a Biden Win?

Q said it would be Biblical!

Demons Overtake City of Angels: "I hope they F'n Die"

Mueller Team Destroyed 15 (incriminating?) Phones!!!

Hunter Biden's Chinese Firm Helped Buy Out Michigan Automotive Company to Create Jobs Overseas

Dallas Obstructionists Set Free: Police Chief Resigns
Commentary: Charges on 647 Dropped

Big Coup TIP: Transition Integrity Project

Why the need to bribe a country?

New: Medical Page

Bee in Pelosi's Bonnet: The BLOCKBUSTING Operation to Gobble up US prime real estate (read comments)

Christian Site Raises Funds for Rittenhouse Defense

It is official: DC government moves forward on plan to take down Washington Monument

Forget Three Gorges Dam: Trump Busts TVA Dam Wide Open!!!!

TVA: Pennies from Heaven!!!!

Almost-Governor Florida: claims that "challenges of being a Black man in America" caused him have a private meth party with a homosexual escort
Source Article

MIT Technology Review: 'How To Talk To Conspiracy Theorists And Still Be Kind'

MIT Technology Review: WATN Notable Posting

Vid: "Ted & Jenny" Report on "Farmer's Market"!!!!

UN Calls for Redistribution of US Wealth and Power: CV-19 Their Key?

Gunman kills son of federal judge Esther Salas at their home. The Jeffrey Epstein Deutsche Bank case was assigned to Judge Salas just two days ago.

Durham Indictments Near....Batten Down the Hatches

Total Recall: Walls Closing In Around FBI Director Chris Wray -- Flynn Fights the Flam

1. Q asks...
2. Flynn changes his banner image
3. Q Acknowledges Flynn's reply
4. Anon notices the above
5. Q confirmes Anon above

2015 Trump: Epstein Island a "cesspool", ask Prince Andrew!

GRAND RAPIDS RIOT: Listen to the Video Carefully 1) had been living in Washington till four months ago 2) does not have the "numbers memorized" to get help to make bond

Video: It's Just a Mask

Video: Cashless Society

Video: The Great Awakening

Covid Abuse: Are you a Victim of Covid Abuse?

Assassination: The Pedo Wars have Begun!!!

CBS: Steele and Fusion GPS Airport Meeting Revealed

CBS: British Court Orders Steele to Pay Dirty Dossier Damages to Russians!

Steel'n Valor? Judge Orders Steele To Pay Damages To Russian Bankers Over False Dossier

Loosing the Mandate of Heaven

Dissent Growing in Europe As Pathologists Deny Covid

President of Bulgarian Pathology Association: Covid Deaths Not Happening

Plandemic Covid Counting Scam, key posts:
https://twitter.com/TheLastRefuge2/status/1278941217133387777 https://thedonald.win/p/GINvhBoP/faucis-surge-is-all-lies--its-ri/c/

Foreign Election Interference, Foreign Collusion: Leading UK newspapers hold secretive *War Games* with *senior US political operatives, constitutional lawyers, and scholars* (aka deep state) over 2020 election

Texas hospital CEO: COVID inpatient count 'misinterpreted,' level of alarm 'unwarranted'

NooseCar: Cuomo Murstein Links

Brazil Falls: President Seized in Medicarchy Coup

Video: Two Rounds with Biden, Buy a Shotgun

TheDonald.win now ranked 1396 in US websites

Keep an Eye on Begich

MICHIGAN GOV Working to Stop Trump from Entering State

Michigan: Not Polite to Point with Your Fingers, Point with your Guns

"Statues came down, then they renamed the street names, then came the school curriculum.. then certain movies and TV shows couldn't be shown"


Good Sam NJ Dems Unite to Help Hapless Republicans Vote the Right Way

Accused: Bok Blocks the Future of Our Country - Tulsa Two Timing

Covid: How Often Does the Health Care Industry Get a Chance to Mass Murder and Get Away with It?

GOAT: "This Cat Gives Us His Very Soul"

ABC gets their PDQ's Handed to Them on a Plate

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Trump Campaign Effectively Gets Word Out About Antifa's Red Triangle Badge!!!!


Oh, Brother! Who is BHO?

Qatar Version: How Am I Supposed to Live Without You?

2020-06-17 The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

2020-06-15 Protest Updates (Chaz Wants to Attend G7)

Christopher Columbus: Bad Guy and Villain?

Robert 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' Kiyosaki: they shut down the world to cover up something "very very big"

VIDEO EMPTY! President of Brasil Tells People to See for Themselves the (EMPTY) Hospitals Full of CV19 Patients

Press Mocking Brasil President

Molly Jong-Fast Tweet "No Longer Available"

But, back up copy here....

Millions of American Birds Flock to Dump Treason on Soros - Cries for Gates, Clinton, Obama Next

"He Did Not Deserve to Die"

Alamosa Attorney Anarchy

Cultural Revolution In Progress: What's Ya Goin Ta Do? What's Ya Goin Ta Do?

BIG SISTER: AGT - Clinton - fourstarleader.com - Kovachi

Separate But Equal in LA!!

Video: Picking Up People Off the Street

Seattle is falling....."Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone"

Just Sick: How Floyd's Four Officers May Be Found Not Guilty

National TV: Biden Speaks Out on his Lifetime of Social Distancing (3 min)

Don't Blame the Masons!! Leftist Protestors Disguise Concrete as Ice Cream Tubs!!

MICHIGAN: The Race is On! - Recall Hitmer in 60 days -- Needs 1,062,647 Signatures!

Bush says NYT is lying: Why is NYT Campaigning Against Trump by Lying?

MAGA News Reel - 1940's style

Explanation of the Coup attempt on DC (6 June 2020) - 79 pages (academia.edu Copy)

Condi Rice tells Samson Trump to Cut His Hair!! (spoiler: pathetic)

Full Staff Flags in San Juan PR: Police Defy Mayor Carmen Yulín

Will Mayor deBlasio Step Down? His kid arrested...can't manage a family....how can he manage a city?

First 2 1/2 minutes....Boston Police trashing their own police car to fabricate false evidence
DISINFORMATION: Boston Police Did Not Destroy Police Car

In Santa Monica, No Means Yes

NY Lawyers Bonnie & Clyde: Just Call Me Angel in the Morning!!

Bearno's Heroes

"The Only Thing that can Stop this Corrupt Machine is YOU!"

MSNBC Doing Crack? Calls QANON an Extremist Group!!

Money Trace: $67 Million China to Biden Center

Money Trace Video: China Communist Party Pays Millions to Biden Diplomacy Center

Money Trace: $20 Million in Four Days, Biden Campaign Pours Money to Rioters

Vid: Really into it! NC Rioter Gets All Fired Up!

Nashville Mayor Cooper Put Over the Barrel: Caused Arson of Historic Court House and City Hall ---

No Salt for these Wounds: Utah Ain't Going to Play Victim

Gab Suspicions Mount: El Chappo & Amy Klobuchar Connections?!?! Riots or a Cartel War? Where did the Counterfeit money Come From?

NBC Headfake Headline: "Trump Dossier Firm Also Supplied Info Used in Meeting of Russians, Trump Team" --- Fusion GPS is NOT "Trump's" Dossier Firm!!!

Eagle-atarian? Twitter Censors President of the United States

MSNBC Does Frank Dreben! Video: "I want to be clear on how I characterize this. This is mostly a protest. It is not generally speaking unruly."

Video: "Hey, you and I worked together at My-Ya's place"

Pics: Social Distancing Forgotten in the Land 'O Lakes

Land 'O Lakes: "One of the great things I've noticed about this protest is that there are all kinds of people protesting and standing up for what is right. Black, white, brown, Asian. And that is great to see."

Yes! Congressional Algae Caucus - DC Swamp Confirmed, page 5

Reconcile: Japan Whew Hu! No Flu!

36 Years GOP Under Consent Decree -- Allowing Voter Fraud Empire to be Built

Raw Document: The McCabe-Rosenstein Coup Letter

Muscle Cars? How About Soft Tissue Lamborghini's!

Body Parts for Car Parts --- the Video!

Cures for Me, but Not for Thee.

Will Trump Veto FISA????

Twitter Accessory After-the-Fact? Massive Coverup Underway

Twitter Embraces "WrongThink" Policy

Pence on Silencing Conservative Voices

302 Whistleblower??? IG - Joe Pianka - "pressured by McCabe" United States v. FLYNN Exhibit 33 - Document #160, Attachment #35 District Court, District of Columbia Docket Number: 1:17-cr-00232-EGS All Defendants Date Filed: January 29th, 2020

CV-19 Deaths in Washington: Even After Getting Your Shots!

Washington State CV-19 Death Numbers Shot Full of Holes

EXTERMINATION CENTERS? Where have the Democrat Leaders Brougt Us???

MORE Whitmer Outrage

AND MORE Whitmer Outrage

Servers in Ukraine? Hunter Biden Monies May Expose...

Ukraine Parliament has Biden Tapes

Joe Biden listed as a perpetrator of a crime in Ukraine investigation

Quid Pro Quo, Joe!

New Whistleblower Blows Whistle on Treasury IG

Did Trump just cost the drug industry $100 billion in expensive and unsafe CV19 designer drugs?

President Trump was RIGHT, injecting chlorine dioxide has a 100% cure rate!!

Will the FDA make a correction to this warning??....don't hold your breath!!

Hold The Mayo!! ....Clinic research coordinator Muhammad Masood

Twitter Taunts Trump: Takes Down Trump's Censorship Retweet

COPY FOUND of Trump-Malkin Censored Anti-Censor Clip (1:33)

Trump-Malkin Censorship - Post 9200824

Recall: Twitter Does a Malkin X !!! - censors anti-censor speech

Superman Missile: super-duper and 17 times faster

Prince Faisal bin Abdullah al-Saud has been in incommunicado detention

Colorado Fluzzy Flu Fraud: Dead Drunk is Covid Dead!!!

Michigan Despots Bring Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth

Break from the News: A Dance Song for Q and QAnon

Is Costco Out to Kill You? Blaylock Sounds the Alarm

California Shining with San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond Only 6 of 194 of 3.3 million "Pure Corona Deaths"

Optics: Military Being Mobilized to Distribute Vaccine

Burrrrr: Grab Your Phones - It is Getting Cold In Washington!

Seattle Officer Silenced from Speaking in Favor of Constitutional Rights

Who Embedded Dan Coats? Burr? Pence? Both?

FDA Closes the Gates! Bill's CV Test Program Not Ready to Run Wild

Trump Calls for Obama to be Questioned Under Oath

Twofer Voting California: Democrat gain Function!

Michigan Democrat Election Clerk Charged: 193 Ballots

Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch: What Congress Didn't Need to Know
Burisma - 160 pages of embassy emails, memos and correspondence in fall 2016
Yovanovitch-Burisma Scandal -- Public Discussion on New FOIA Evidence

True or Fake News?
Raw Pede Post: "Venezuelan leader Maduro's right-hand man publicly exposed American mercenaries' names, photos and coup plan on live TV a month BEFORE failed 'invasion'"
Pede Sauce on Mercenaries Story I Pede Sauce on Mercenaries Story II

Fauci Math: One million Health Care workers Unemployed during Epidemic

Knock on Wood: Ballots from Heaven!!!

Plot Escalates: CBS Fake Patient Cherry Hill Clinic - Biden-Whitmer Now Dragged In!!
"I explained to the people in Biden's office that Cherry Health is a 501(c)3 Federally Qualified Health Center and therefore cannot participate in political activities."

+++ 666 SPECIAL REPORT +++
666: Introduced by Illinois District 1 Illinois Representative and to be launched ASAP in Ventura County, California - it is weirdly called House Resolution 6666 - from congress.gov website

2020-05-12 Vid: Ben Swann Breaksdown 666 Congress Resolution

Short YouTube Video of alarmed Ventura County doctor

Link to Ventura County Health Director, Dr. Robert Levin, threatening to forcibly quarantine people

PATRIOT WATCH: Ezra Cohen-Watnick
Ezra Returning to the Administration as a Top Official to the Defense Department


NBC Rising: The Chuck Todd Attack to Take Down the U.S. Government

Forget the Hamptons: Will the New House hold Everyone???

Dry Turtles: A Traitor Refresher

Contact Tracing 101
No Experience Needed. "You can be trained"

Needed: "20,000 people - to track down everyone with COVID-19 and quarantine them"
Per the CDC: Contact tracing is a specialized skill

Collusion 53 Transcripts: Some Roger Stone Highlights
page 14 of 122: AP, not wikileaks
page 17 of 122: he doesn't use email page 21 of 122: never took a poll page 53 of 122: British spying at Trump Tower page 62 of 122: British Craig Murphy thumb drive

US Citizen Internment Camps: de ja vu for California

The Cure Might be Deadlier than the Disease

Jailed MomGate: Texas Governor & AG Give Lip Service
BUT - Texas Lt. Gov. Makes Jesus Move for Jailed Mom!!

MomGate Update: goFundMe $400,000+ for mom's $7000 fine

Patriot ScissorHands: Watch BOTH videos - Official Oppression Exemplar!

SUBJECT: NOT IN THE NEWS Lockdown Protests - The Great Awakening WorldWide (Huge Compilation Mai 2020)

Prisoners of YouTube: bitChute Preserves Viral Video PLANDEMIC THE MOVIE (PART 1) - INTERVIEW WITH JUDY MIKOVITS

A Deplorable Catches Election Official in the Act!!

On and Oann: the Battle for the Great News

Orcs vs. Director of National Intelligence (DNI)

Mayor Lightfoot Delivers a Heavy Hand to Chicago

Bat City Crazy: Park Ranger Pushed into Lake Austin

Sacramento Falls! Video

Attention Protestors! Trust Your Police!
Yeah....watch the real version:

WISCONSIN: Massive CV Infections after Elections (...not)

California Spring: Video - Huntington Beach Protests

SHOWDOWN: OC Sheriff Will Not Enforce Order After Crazed Dem Governor Newsom Announces "Hard Close" of All Orange County Beaches (VIDEO)

MICHIGAN: Ching! 20,000 more Trump votes!

NYC Mayor deBlasio: Blazen Attack on the Jews Next Stop for NYC Jews, the gas chambers??

The Great Country of the United States ISN'T Broken! Thank you, Michael!

VID: South Dakota Rising!

Pandemic 2.0: YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

Gates: "Vaccine is the Final Solution", Mocks Conspiracy Theories & Increase Funding for WHO

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Supporting 7 Coronavirus Vaccines

Keep Your Eye on the Sky

Released Navy Video of "Unidentified" Aerial Phenomena were REAL and UNAUTHORIZED

2020 Election: "UFO Disclosure" will be Key! Take a "Scientific Look"

Estrogen for Men

If You Have Any Doubts...Listen to This!


PappaD Prophecy: Already Feeling Next Week

Flynn Flies! Even CBS Watching Closely!

YUGE: Dark to Light - Flynn Framed!!

Flynn Defense Fund

The Data Doesn't Lie: Now Bring Out Your Dead!

New York Times Comes to the Aid of "Spirit Cooker" Abramovic

Global Dope Industry - Entire Supply Chain Disrupted!

CDC Official Pushing Coronavirus Panic Button is Rod Rosenstein's Sister

FLASHBACK: January 28, 2020: Chinese National Accused of Trying to Smuggle 21 Vials of Biological Materials from Boston to China

FLASHBACK: January 28, 2020: Lieutenant for Chinese Government, Harvard University Professor and Researcher All Accused of Hiding Ties with China

Chinese Drones Spying on US Citizens

Call for Investigations into "Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation" Surpasses the Needed 100,000 Signatures

DISTURBING: Child Sex Abuse Ring Busted Across Five States


Voter Fraud? "Eighty People Can't Fit in that Apartment!"

Should the Coronavirus Erase Our 2nd Amendment Rights?

1997 JFKjr Warning About Gates



VIDEO: Uncle Joe Didn't Fool 1988 Journalists

MICHIGAN SPRING: Four Sheriffs Embrace Constitution over Hitmer Tyranny


FLORIDA SPRING: Count Dracula Edition

ON BILL GATES: "Someone left the Gates Open at Constantinople"

NEW JERSEY SPRING: Governor's Constitutional Authority Challenged on National TV


NORTH CAROLINA SPRING: Senate Helpless as Armed Police Halt Dissent in Capital

Team Joe: Make your own Joe Biden Meme

MICHIGAN NEW PLOY? Hitmer Tones Down Mocking State's Workers?

RFKjr SPEAKS! "Fauci ... Poisoned An Entire Generation"

HEALTH INDUSTRY TAKEOVER UPDATE: "Operation Bankrupt" Underway


Public Calls for FCC to revoke Denver TV Station License

Three Frame Analysis of NBC-Affiliate killing of Protestor


This posting is a treasure-trove of info on the shooter and the media behind him.
Another treasure-trove on the shooter.
Tegna: the massive local tv station empire behind this.

Even 97-year-old Bob Dole Challenges Presidential Debate Commission!

Unclassified Doc

[Project Veritas] Ilhan Omar connected Ballot Harvester in cash-for-ballots scheme: "Car is full" of absentee ballots!!

After watching the video. Do you think Minnesota's Votes are Legit?

Yes No

Explosive new FBI texts detail the extent of the FBI's desire to take down Trump
FBI-Text1 FBI-Text2

Trump Coup -- Can You Buy Treason Insurance??? Trump Coup Treason Insurance -- Comments!

Roh Roh.....Until Now, Only a Few Epstein Flight Logs Public

Senate report links Hunter Biden to 'prostitution or human trafficking ring'

Bloomberg pays fines for 32,000 felons in Florida so they can vote
Matt Gaetz calls on Florida AG to investigate Bloomberg

Trump responds to the passing of RBG

Twitter found Biden video to be a "Violation of Child Sexual Exploitation Policy"

So -- why aren't the feds posting these drivers licenses (that have names, photos, AND addresses)???? https://voat.co/v/QRV/4006619 https://thedonald.win/p/HESVAv4r/so--why-arent-the-feds-posting-t/c/ https://thedonald.win/p/HESVA5na/feds-seize-19888-fake-state-driv/c/

19,000 More Voters Found at Chicago O'Hare

FINALLY!!!! The Worm Turns: Euthansia among us???

We are rapidly moving into a world-wide situation: Queen of England is concerned:

DIY: How to Use Covid to Manufacture Votes

If Nancy Pelosi can get her hair done in person - you can vote in person

Fighting for the American Worker!

America, I'm Sorry!!!!

CDC: If you have had a common cold you will likely test positive for COVID-19 antibodies!

Democrat Operative Blows the Whistle on Massive Mail-In Voting Fraud Operation

Portland Mayor == Fort Sumpter??? Patriot Prayer Member Video of Assassination in Portland Hunting to Kill - Video


Beneath the sea: Ghislaine Maxwell was licensed to pilot submarines

Great Vid: No Horsing Around in this CO Town Roundup

GOYA: Black Beans Matter vs. All Beans Matter

Steele's "Primary Subsource" Was Alcoholic Russian National Who Worked With Trump Impeachment Witness At Brookings Commentary

24 July 2020: The Seattle Police Chief Letter

Youngest RINO in Trump Clothes: Votes with Dems to Destroy Statues, Breaking 150 Year Old Social Contract

GoFundMe? Supposedly Hillary Server for Sale in Ukraine!

Reporting: "Take This Template To Your Doctor So They Have A Starting Point For Your Letter, or Have Your Doctor Complete This Letter With Your Particulars!"

Massive info on Roy Den Hollander aka the Fedex guy

Texas: Thousands MORE Fake CV-19 Cases!!

Lincoln Project: Registered Russian Foreign Agent - Austin Texas Nest

Comments on anti-Trump Lincoln Project

The Night that the Masks Came Off in Georgia

MuellerGate: Italian University Raided

Are You a Bari Weiss where You Work?

Vid JustInformed: Politically Hijacked Medical Crisis?

Wet Video Clip of the Year: Why 70 Million Despise the Democrats and the Leftists

Ideological Subversion: How Our Schools Were Seized Right Before Our Very Eyes (Vid)

Trump Frees Political Prisoner: Silver Lives Matter (Vid)

Wayfair, OverStock, Gates Resigns From MS: Peter Strzok (Flashback Vid)

Sue NBC for Business Losses? Fake Covid Panic Story Damages

4 July 2020: Time's Up for TikTok

Flashback: How Far Back in Time Does Project TikTok Go?

All the HCQ Covid-19 Studies in One Place

2020-06-26 President Donald J. Trump's Letter to the Governor of Illinois and Mayor of Chicago

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Connected to Maduro

Suicide Hotline Number Trip Signal Again Active: Rosenstein Payment in Full

Epoch Times: Seattle Repeals its drug traffic and prostitution loitering laws

Bill Gates and Microsoft Banned from Russia

"Microwave Ballots": Erasing Votes! Most Devious Voting Trick Yet! (Vid 1:36)

BREAKING: Deep State Defeat - Flynn Mandamus Partially Granted: Case Dismissed

Texas Has Fallen

Time's Up for Yale.... Call to Rename to Tamil University
WSJ 2016: Ahead of the Game to Rename Yale University
Full Details: Slaves and Skeleton's in Yale's Closet

Goal: 535 Sean Parnells (vid: 2min 54sec)

Canadian Bust: Nearly 400 Children Rescued

Ukraine's BOBKO Moves to Deport Foreign BLM Protest Organizers

Is MICHIGAN LARA Licensing Agency Next? Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Sues FDA for Interference of Access to Life-Saving Hydroxychloroquine

Sunrise Movement: Millennial Millie Reports on Radicalization Through Our Grade Schools

Video: Spotting Plateless Cars Across Washington

Plateless. Whoa! Swerve Left! John Brown Gun Club

West Coast Community Defense ALLIANCE ORGANIZATION

Far Left Redneck Revolt Network


CoronaGate(s): Bill was milking us for $100 Billion BEFORE virus went viral

Mutiny at Berkeley! Professor Smuggles Letter Across Enemy Lines!

170,000 Red Birds Fall From the Cloud: Worse than Alfred Hitchcock Nightmare

Video: Voice of Reason

Video: Sunrise. Momentum. Children. (First 4 minutes)

Politico Confirms this is Ploy to Seize Minnesota Mineral Wealth

Trump Starts Withdrawal from Open Skies Treaty: Russia Violating Treaty

7 June 2020 Letter From Former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States of America
( Amazon Copy )

The VAULT is now OPEN - key documents

Minneapolis Police Department HR Recruiting Program Faces New Challenges

LA Mayor Garcetti: Los Angeles Police Protective League Recommends Mental Health Intervention

Hillary Clinton Endorses George Soros

Hillary Clinton: Please Join Me In Welcoming George Soros

Jesse Watters: "It looks like a premeditated hit."

Facing George Soros: Stacking Facebook Censorship Board

ObamaFLOODGates Open June 3rd!! Rosenstein Squeals, Subpeonas Will Fly!!

"A Good Journalist Would Find Out Who Paid for these Busses"

Walz to Burning Down the House: Governor's Daughter Fueling Terrorism

Condi Rice Rules!! Time to Crack Open the Book!

You All Know Why, in Your Heart, Why Donald Trump Won the Election

Ground Zero Detroit: Yo Mama yam Mad at Yuza !!!

Hey Dallas, You Gotta Do Better! -- City Sets Out Bricks For Rioters!!!

1. Oops! Interstate Terrorists in Mercedes S600 swap License Tags! MN DRS 683
2. Her Photo Matches: "Top Row, Second Terrorist"
3. Benz Lives Matters: There She is!!

FBI: Feels like a Stuck Toilet Just Flushed!

Boente Bye Bye -- Was Flynn the Tip of The Iceberg?

Flashback: Confusing 10/28/2017 Boente Move Regarding Flynn

Biden Snuff Video in China (49 min) -- Goodbye USA

Vault: Flynn Russia Transcripts Ratcliffe Sent to Grassley

Vault: Five Congressmen Scribble to Reddit

Flashback 10/9/2013: Jack Dorsey was Warned....

Twitter "Egregious" Acts Removes Curtain of Protection Media Giants Once Enjoyed

"Smart Feller" Yoel Roth Becomes Tech Giants' Party "Pooper" Headache

California Report: Government Threatening Doctors (@ 1:25)

Pennsylvania : "At What Point Should this be Reclassified as Murder?"

New Jersey: "At What Point Should this be Reclassified as Murder?"

New York: "At What Point Should this be Reclassified as Murder?"

Michigan: "At What Point Should this be Reclassified as Murder?"

Video: Minnesota - National Media Driving Riot Forces

Michigan Brown Shirt Brigade: Early 400

Video: Nadler Against Paper Ballots - Fraud

Caught Reddit Handed: subs made right after Event201

Texas Vote Nursing Home Scandal
Texas Audio Tape

Lori's Husband's Letter to Jack Dorsey

Final Report on Massive CV-19 Outbreak in Taiwan

Emily Domenech, a real hero


FOUNTAINHEAD MICHIGAN: Fingers Point to AG for Playing Dam God

Jordan Rachael: Every Last Germ

Biden Admits Ukraine Hanky Panky on Video


"VA Study" was NOT a VA Study! Trump was right, again.

Beer App Tracks Drunken Sailors....and CIA assets!

Hot & Heavy in Paris: Great Videos

North Carolina Government Child Trafficking: Caught! Dozens of Charges!

While everyone was freaking out about POTUS taking the Trump CURE, this slipped under the radar...."Artifical Event"
POTUS says: "ARTIFICIALLY INDUCED..." Pay attention to the audience reaction

Floundering Fauci Unmasks the Truth: "There's no reason to be walking around with a mask"

CA Uprising: Atwater Redefines "Sanctuary City"

That's Not Funny...Facebook Has No Sense of Humor!!

I'M GLAD YOU ASKED THAT!! -- Ehh, explain Obamagate.....

Project Lazarus: Colorado Lowers Covid Death Numbers

Columbo or Walker, Texas Ranger?? Unsung Hero Nunes Keeps Taking the Heat

"Only Genocide Can Save the World!" - Gates is Sung from Italian Parliament
Italian Parliament: Full Speech of Deputy Sara Cunial (6:55)

Burning Down the House!! Two MORE AZ/HCQ plants on fire!
FLASHBACK: New Type of Drug Wars? Destroy Manufacturing Supply Chain?

Nevada: Overrun with Stinky Mail ahead of Primary
More Nevada Stench!

Michigan Business Takes Whitmer on and the Gloves Come Off!!

Michigan Protesters... Speak Softly Your Conversations are being Monitored

U.S. Has Taken a Straightforward Liberal Approach to CV Mortality Rates

FDA Closes the Gates! Bill's CV Test Program Not Ready to Run Wild

Betrayal to America? Yovanovitch was Ambassador, but for Whom?

Brennan Fights Back - May 14, 2020

Chicago: Ready to Choose NWO Leaders?

Another Turley Whirley: How Obama Telegraphed Flynn Judge

21st Space Wing Commander Found Dead In His Home: 47 Years Old

Fake News, Now Fake Drugs? Remdesivir Fails it's clinical trial

Hard to Find: Open Memorandum to Barack Obama from Sidney Powell

Death Traps: PA Secretary of Health admits she moved her mother out of a nursing home to a hotel while ordering infected patients into nursing homes

OBAMAGATE now Official:
White House Weighs In

Public Reaction to White House Tweet

No Dem Convention: But, Open or Closed Voting?

Gone With the Wind: or, at least with the 'Breeze

U of A: More U.S. Taxpayer Paid Chinese Espionage

Attn Media Elites: Lights! camera! Action! Masks are for Show

9 Supremes 9-0 the 9th
8 USC 1324 Stands - Sanctuary is Still Felony

UPDATE: Mysterious Documents Declassified 11 May
Mysterious Documents Hand Delivered to AG

Murder Coverup? "Just FYSA - I squashed this"

WH Press Core Journalist Infers She is Chinese Loyalist


Let the Voting Games Begin!

Rand Paul Sniffed Out Comey Seven Years Ago

Another Turley Whirrly: Flynn's CLOSE SHAVE from Strzok's RAZOR

Glenn Greenwood comes late to MSDNC party

Proposed Law to End Social Media Censoring

Corona Drunk on Power: WHO is Dr. DZ????

The wheels are starting to come off

Sludge Hammer: Quick Vid of Congressional Etiquette

Mayor Lightfoot Puts the Pedal to the Metal

Ghidra Assistance -- Important Resource Links
1. https://published-prd.lanyonevents.com/published/rsaus19/sessionsFiles/13678/PNG-T09-Come-Get-Your-Free-NSA-Reverse-Engineering-Tool%21.pdf
2. https://www.csoonline.com/article/3393246/how-to-get-started-using-ghidra-the-free-reverse-engineering-tool.html

3. https://threatvector.cylance.com/en_us/home/an-introduction-to-code-analysis-with-ghidra.html
Note: https://www.blackberry.com/us/en/company/leadership
4. https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/how-i-solved-a-simple-crackme-challenge-with-the-nsas-ghidra-d7e793c5acd2/

Collusion 53 Transcripts: The Schiff Version
Collusion 53 Transcripts: The Office of the Director of National Intelligence Version

ODNI Threatens to Release Documents that Schiff is Blocking

Ill Ill. Governor Gives a Hand Up to Satan. A Year Without God

Q4115: We Got Your Goat -- He's CV Fruit Bat Positive!

TV PROGRAM Warned Us!!

Red Cross Q Drop: Video Revisit!

Meat Shortage? Look to Bill Gates!!!!

California's Capitol Siege -- by pastors, moms, kids -- SWAT Responds

Was Schumer Part of the Coup? Misprision of Treason?

These Piggies Not Making it to Market
Butchers at CDC? UN Warns Lockdown will Cause Global Starvation
Video: Texas Food Dump Claim
1-27-20, 34K chickens die in Virginia/N Carolina fires
4-24-20, 280K chickens die in California fire
2-27-20, 400K chickens die in Nebraska fire
1-4-20, 300K chickens die in Michigan fire
4-21-20, number of dead chickens still undetermined, but this egg farm housed a total of roughly 7 million chickens, and at one point there were 47 fire trucks from 30 different departments fighting the blaze

ELON Challenges California Health Rocketing Trajectories

Blustering CROSSWIND: Fake Conviction is Flim-Flam to Frame Flynn

VID: Education4Libs to Cook Twitter’s Goose!

Bawls of Steele: Blames Clinton Lawyer!

Senate Sits - House Runs: Will Trump Adjourn Congress?

National Uprising!! May 1st Freedom Protests Across the Country

PBS VIDEO FREEZES-Cuts out Texas Governor Overriding Houston Mask Order

US Lockdown: Did we just kill ourselves?
Do the Math!
Sweden's Society Left Open



REPORT: Out of Shadows tops 18,000,000 Views
The Original
The Original - Shared

World-O-Meter: Corona Virus

TWO (people, in Chicago) if by Sea

FREE MY PEOPLE: National Edition

Hitler Cattle Cars: Los Angeles Style

April 25, 2020 Update: Protests Around the Nation

Future GOLD Deal with Mexico


Foto-Fake: Nurse Standing in Traffic Staged Media Event

Powerful: Landed Eagles

WHO is the Enemy!

LLT's (Local Little Tyrants)

CoRney Comey: Protected Fauci from FBI


New Hot Bling: Burner Phones to Avoid Ankle Bracelets!

Gates Nuclear Claim: Nuclear Reaction!


WISCONSIN: Chinese Influence on State Government

CV Number Fudging: Need to Subtract 38K from US CV Death Count?

FORBES: Why the WHO Faked a Pandemic

"Plague of Corruption"

RFKjr Channels Laura Ingraham: Bill Gates Up in Smoke!

David Nino Rodriguez Claims Pedo Sting Operation

Michigan : "I have noticed more ads concerning mental health on the radio."

Joe Biden "Wind Up Doll"

MICHIGAN: "Hands Off Our Citizens"

REPORT: Billionaire "Good Club" launched in 2009

Q Patriots in Finland


The VAULT is now OPEN - key documents


Special MICHIGAN "Free My People" Page

Special "Foto Fakes" Page

Special "Faux News" Page

Special "Forgotten News" Page

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