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Whitmer uses MDHHS to put more restrictions on Michiganders

Michigan Swing Voters Cite Harris as the Reason they are Voting for Trump

Suspect in Whitmer Plot Was Pardoned by Democrat Governor of Delaware Last Year

Newaygo County, Michigan. 6,000 votes now invalid

Whitmer builds her own $1.1 million wall with taxpayer funds! and request a petition by mail

Abuse of power

Former Whitmer Aide Hired by Biden Stonewalls Legislative Probe

Mask Up or Pay Up!!

Whitmer Tells Michiganders How To Drink Responsibly

MICHIGAN: Official Status of Legal and Real Recall Petitions

MICHIGAN GOV Working to Stop Trump from Entering State

Michigan: Not Polite to Point with Your Fingers, Point with your Guns


MICHIGAN: The Race is On! - Recall Hitmer in 60 days -- Needs 1,062,647 Signatures!

Death Toll Questions Flying: Michigan's Nursing Homes Injected with COVID-19

Hitmer wins in MI Court of Claims....

7.7 million absentee applications sent to 5,453,000 registered voters in Michigan!

Michigan Business Takes Whitmer on and the Gloves Come Off!!

Michigan Protesters... Speak Softly Your Conversations are being Monitored

How to Recall MICHIGAN Governor: Leader Needed


Detroit Area Macomb County FBI Lockdown on Oranges

MCC Letter to Hitmer: Legit or Controlled Opposition?

Lawsuit to Stop Hitmer Power Grab

Hitmer's Over Reach Needs Oversight

Vote for John James, Michigan Senate

Michigan Democrat Party Effectively Removing State Rep. Whitsett

State Rep. Whitsett Credits President Trump for Saving Her Life

Operation Gridlock 2.0

MICHIGAN SPRING: Four Sheriffs Embrace Constitution over Hitmer Tyranny

MICHIGAN NEW PLOY? Hitmer Tones Down Mocking State's Workers?

Michigan : "I have noticed more ads concerning mental health on the radio."

MICHIGAN: "Hands Off Our Citizens"