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The Great Barrington Declaration

Signatures Mount from Doctors and Citizens Against Medical Tyranny

Doctor's Speak Out on Covid

Two Massachusetts doctors charged with criminal neglect for 76 COVID deaths

CDC's updated survival rate if infected with COVID

Hospital Claims Woman Who Repeatedly Tested Negative Died of the Virus!

CDC: If you have had a common cold you will likely test positive for COVID-19 antibodies!

Vid: Frontline Doctors Double Down

Vid: Frontline Doctors Speak Out

Comparison Of Archived Numbers:
April 18th, 2020
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August 29th, 2020
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Commentary: FB yanks Doctor's Page


Vid: Emergency Room Dr. Simone Gold Fired from Hospital After Attending White Coat Summit - Says She Has Hired Lin Wood to Represent Her

MIT Technology Review: 'How To Talk To Conspiracy Theorists And Still Be Kind'

MIT Technology Review: WATN Notable Posting

UN Calls for Redistribution of US Wealth and Power: CV-19 Their Key?

Video: It's Just a Mask

Covid Abuse: Are you a Victim of Covid Abuse?

Loosing the Mandate of Heaven

Dissent Growing in Europe As Pathologists Deny Covid

President of Bulgarian Pathology Association: Covid Deaths Not Happening

Plandemic Covid Counting Scam, key posts:

Texas hospital CEO: COVID inpatient count 'misinterpreted,' level of alarm 'unwarranted'

Brazil Falls: President Seized in Medicarchy Coup

Keep an Eye on Begich

Covid: How Often Does the Health Care Industry Get a Chance to Mass Murder and Get Away with It?

VIDEO EMPTY! President of Brasil Tells People to See for Themselves the (EMPTY) Hospitals Full of CV19 Patients

Press Mocking Brasil President

Reconcile: Japan Whew Hu! No Flu!

Muscle Cars? How About Soft Tissue Lamborghini's!

Body Parts for Car Parts --- the Video!

Cures for Me, but Not for Thee.

CV-19 Deaths in Washington: Even After Getting Your Shots!

Washington State CV-19 Death Numbers Shot Full of Holes

EXTERMINATION CENTERS? Where have the Democrat Leaders Brougt Us???

Did Trump just cost the drug industry $100 billion in expensive and unsafe CV19 designer drugs?

President Trump was RIGHT, injecting chlorine dioxide has a 100% cure rate!!

Will the FDA make a correction to this warning??....don't hold your breath!!

Hold The Mayo!! ....Clinic research coordinator Muhammad Masood

Colorado Fluzzy Flu Fraud: Dead Drunk is Covid Dead!!!

California Shining with San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond Only 6 of 194 of 3.3 million "Pure Corona Deaths"

Optics: Military Being Mobilized to Distribute Vaccine

FDA Closes the Gates! Bill's CV Test Program Not Ready to Run Wild

Fauci Math: One million Health Care workers Unemployed during Epidemic

Plot Escalates: CBS Fake Patient Cherry Hill Clinic - Biden-Whitmer Now Dragged In!!
"I explained to the people in Biden's office that Cherry Health is a 501(c)3 Federally Qualified Health Center and therefore cannot participate in political activities."

Short YouTube Video of alarmed Ventura County doctor

Link to Ventura County Health Director, Dr. Robert Levin, threatening to forcibly quarantine people

Contact Tracing 101
No Experience Needed. "You can be trained"

Needed: "20,000 people - to track down everyone with COVID-19 and quarantine them"
Per the CDC: Contact tracing is a specialized skill

US Citizen Internment Camps: de ja vu for California

The Cure Might be Deadlier than the Disease

Prisoners of YouTube: bitChute Preserves Viral Video PLANDEMIC THE MOVIE (PART 1) - INTERVIEW WITH JUDY MIKOVITS

WISCONSIN: Massive CV Infections after Elections (...not)

Pandemic 2.0: YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

Gates: "Vaccine is the Final Solution", Mocks Conspiracy Theories & Increase Funding for WHO

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Supporting 7 Coronavirus Vaccines

Estrogen for Men


The Data Doesn't Lie: Now Bring Out Your Dead!

CDC Official Pushing Coronavirus Panic Button is Rod Rosenstein's Sister

FLASHBACK: January 28, 2020: Chinese National Accused of Trying to Smuggle 21 Vials of Biological Materials from Boston to China

FLASHBACK: January 28, 2020: Lieutenant for Chinese Government, Harvard University Professor and Researcher All Accused of Hiding Ties with China

Call for Investigations into "Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation" Surpasses the Needed 100,000 Signatures

Should the Coronavirus Erase Our 2nd Amendment Rights?

1997 JFKjr Warning About Gates

ON BILL GATES: "Someone left the Gates Open at Constantinople"

RFKjr SPEAKS! "Fauci ... Poisoned An Entire Generation"

HEALTH INDUSTRY TAKEOVER UPDATE: "Operation Bankrupt" Underway


Reporting: "Take This Template To Your Doctor So They Have A Starting Point For Your Letter, or Have Your Doctor Complete This Letter With Your Particulars!"

Texas: Thousands MORE Fake CV-19 Cases!!

Vid JustInformed: Politically Hijacked Medical Crisis?

All the HCQ Covid-19 Studies in One Place

Bill Gates and Microsoft Banned from Russia

Is MICHIGAN LARA Licensing Agency Next? Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Sues FDA for Interference of Access to Life-Saving Hydroxychloroquine

CoronaGate(s): Bill was milking us for $100 Billion BEFORE virus went viral

The VAULT is now OPEN - key documents

California Report: Government Threatening Doctors (@ 1:25)

Pennsylvania : "At What Point Should this be Reclassified as Murder?"

New Jersey: "At What Point Should this be Reclassified as Murder?"

New York: "At What Point Should this be Reclassified as Murder?"

Michigan: "At What Point Should this be Reclassified as Murder?"

Caught Reddit Handed: subs made right after Event201

Texas Vote Nursing Home Scandal
Texas Audio Tape

Lori's Husband's Letter to Jack Dorsey

Final Report on Massive CV-19 Outbreak in Taiwan

Jordan Rachael: Every Last Germ

"VA Study" was NOT a VA Study! Trump was right, again.

While everyone was freaking out about POTUS taking the Trump CURE, this slipped under the radar...."Artifical Event"
POTUS says: "ARTIFICIALLY INDUCED..." Pay attention to the audience reaction

Floundering Fauci Unmasks the Truth: "There's no reason to be walking around with a mask"

Project Lazarus: Colorado Lowers Covid Death Numbers

"Only Genocide Can Save the World!" - Gates is Sung from Italian Parliament
Italian Parliament: Full Speech of Deputy Sara Cunial (6:55)

Burning Down the House!! Two MORE AZ/HCQ plants on fire!
FLASHBACK: New Type of Drug Wars? Destroy Manufacturing Supply Chain?

U.S. Has Taken a Straightforward Liberal Approach to CV Mortality Rates

FDA Closes the Gates! Bill's CV Test Program Not Ready to Run Wild

Fake News, Now Fake Drugs? Remdesivir Fails it's clinical trial

Death Traps: PA Secretary of Health admits she moved her mother out of a nursing home to a hotel while ordering infected patients into nursing homes

Corona Drunk on Power: WHO is Dr. DZ????

Q4115: We Got Your Goat -- He's CV Fruit Bat Positive!

TV PROGRAM Warned Us!!

Red Cross Q Drop: Video Revisit!

Meat Shortage? Look to Bill Gates!!!!

These Piggies Not Making it to Market
Butchers at CDC? UN Warns Lockdown will Cause Global Starvation
Video: Texas Food Dump Claim
1-27-20, 34K chickens die in Virginia/N Carolina fires
4-24-20, 280K chickens die in California fire
2-27-20, 400K chickens die in Nebraska fire
1-4-20, 300K chickens die in Michigan fire
4-21-20, number of dead chickens still undetermined, but this egg farm housed a total of roughly 7 million chickens, and at one point there were 47 fire trucks from 30 different departments fighting the blaze

ELON Challenges California Health Rocketing Trajectories

PBS VIDEO FREEZES-Cuts out Texas Governor Overriding Houston Mask Order

US Lockdown: Did we just kill ourselves?
Do the Math!
Sweden's Society Left Open

World-O-Meter: Corona Virus

Foto-Fake: Nurse Standing in Traffic Staged Media Event

WHO is the Enemy!

Gates Nuclear Claim: Nuclear Reaction!

CV Number Fudging: Need to Subtract 38K from US CV Death Count?

FORBES: Why the WHO Faked a Pandemic

"Plague of Corruption"

RFKjr Channels Laura Ingraham: Bill Gates Up in Smoke!

Michigan : "I have noticed more ads concerning mental health on the radio."

REPORT: Billionaire "Good Club" launched in 2009


The VAULT is now OPEN - key documents


Special MICHIGAN "Free My People" Page

Special "Foto Fakes" Page

Special "Faux News" Page

Special "Forgotten News" Page





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