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This King of the Jungle deserves respect (Click link here)

Foreign affairs are important to me and no president has done more beneficial work, while standing strong, than President Donald Trump. Hence the 4 Nobel Prize nomination, by Swedish and Norwegian officials. Watch this respectful interview clip - 9/2019. Respect on all levels, including the professional journalists in the room. I am so embarrassed by the disrespectful treatment of our President by American mass media sensationalism-focused reporters.


The color of my mane doesn't define me! (Click link here)

When my daughter was little she asked me why some of her friends had different skin colors. I simple explained that everyone has different family backgrounds from different parts of the world. That means that some people's skin color is different. I put my hand on hers and ask her to describe the difference in the colors of our skin even though we are related. I continued to talk about why some people have blonde hair or brown hair, brown eyes or green eyes. Those are the physical characteristics that make each of us unique and special. I am the mother and godmother to children with a variety of cultures including European, African, and Mexican. Children are all a gift and should not be taught to divide themselves and others due to differences. They should respect and cherish all those differences, for they are what makes us unique! Division can lead to discrimination... Hence why I am sickened by what has happened to our nation due to an increase in the racial divide. And the left is fueling this agenda. It is unforgivable for a presidential candidate to say "If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black." As if the color of your skin alone defines you. (*source: 05/22/20 video interview on 'the Breakfast Club', published 05/23/20)


Political Party Prowl (Click link here)

I never understood how one can fully identify with one party on all issues, hence I have always identified myself as a moderate independent. For me I am liberal leaning in my views on social issues and the environment and conservative leaning on the economy and national issues. To me it is a separation of personal ideals and business practices. My vote is for the person I believe is the best fit for the position/situation, regardless of political party. I spent 4 days watching the DNC... Unfortunately hours of my life I will never gain back and was sadly disheartened by the propagandic sales tactics I was seeing... Yes I said propaganda. With the state of the nation I don't care if Joe and Jill are 'good people'. Does that mean they can solve the nations issues. Dont try to sell me on their character... Can Joe Biden actually do the work to get the job done OR will he sit ideal going with the flow for 4 years like he's done for the past 47 years... Especially with his questionable mental health. And I won't get started on Kamala Harris, at least not in this commentary. Then I tune into the RNC and that has brought me here... Writing for a conservative (enlightened) website. I am speaking out, as a female moderate independent voting for TRUMP 2020... I am a Lioness ready to roar about what is the right choice for the United States of America.

Lioness pack in action... Love this roaring response to the first presidential debate


Listen up Lemmings - your tactics don't belong in this jungle.

My own voice - starts as a growl, but ends in a roar! (Click link here)

Video from 2017: Women discuss M. Obama's quote, "Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against her own voice." My opinion: As a determined, headstrong independent voter, who happens to be female, I was beyond offended by Michelle Obama's statement. It is narrow-minded for anyone to assume that gender, and gender alone, should determine how you vote. As always, the democrats divide people into groups. People shouldn't vote due to race, gender, or any other physical trait... People should vote based on the policies that are important to them and critical to the nation at that time... and for the candidate they think is best for the position to see those critical policies addressed. And by the way, Michelle, my voice... yes, my female voice... was praying that HRC didn't win. Another 4 years of the Clinton Corruption was too much for this country to handle. And remember I am an independent voter that has voted for both Republican and Democratic candidates.


Stand PROUD as one PRIDE! (Click link here)

'Black Voices for Trump' - The America I want to share with my children and godchildren... We can all stand PROUD as one PRIDE!


ROAR - "This is my country and I want it back!" (Click link here)


Silent No More...Hear Me ROAR! (Click link here)

I am a realist that is very fact/data/research based. But I also have strong optimist convictions, which cause me "to wear my heart on the sleeve." Being an optimistic realist is not easy! During the last several months, my realism has been in constant conflict with my optimism (which can be dim), finding me in a state of personal turmoil. So reaching for facts has become a common, comforting practice. When my research facts don't match the information openly being shared with the public I investigate it a bit more. My default is to instantly question a narrative over facts! Additionally, being cautious I never believe the first source I find, since most entities seem to have an agenda. Hence my research entities are vast in my hunt for reliable data. I take into account the "fine print" of studies, which tend to reveal alot about the research indicating the reliability of the source. Through this process my realistic side is satisfied that I have done my due diligence to be informed... allowing my optimistic side to see the situation in an education light. As a result... I am openly sharing with you that there is hope. It is in fact, isn't the "doom and gloom" that the narratives are presenting to us. They are in fact narratives with the goal of sensationializing the situation to meet their own agenda. Research and find hope!


My First ROAR!!

Phone/Text message: Hi... I'm a volunteer with the Democratic party. We're talking to people about the issues they care about most this election. What do you think is the most important issue we're facing as a state or country right now? My response: Rights as a citizen! I receive at least 2 calls or texts per week from representatives for some facet of the democratic party. I have informed each contact that this phone number is on the national do not call registry. It is my right as a citizen to put my phone number on that list and for organizations and companies to abide to my wishes. The democrats lack of abiding to rules has wore thin... "do not call" means "DO NOT CALL or text". The Republican party seems to respect that policy. Why should I trust the democrats with their dishonesty and waste of tax payer $ on so many levels... And their disrespect of so many Americans rights. As an independent voter I have supported many candidates from various parties... I vote for the candidate I think is best for the position. In 2020, I have decided to #WalkAway.



Pride in Policies | Proud of POTUS

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